I have known and been a client of Andy Maher for 20 years. He and his team have always given me fantastic service with clear, sound advice in a timely manner. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble

Bill Fitchford


My name is Debra. I am presently located in South Africa. Just before leaving for South Africa, about 4 years ago, I contacted Andy about investing some funds. Over the years, though far apart, he has been excellent in maintaining a clear and frequent connection with me, via podcasts, emails and WhatsApp, so much so, he has become my entrusted friend.

Debra Stein

South Africa

I’ve been receiving financial advice from Andy and the team at Maher Brownsword for over 20 years. They handle all the financial affairs for my entire family (myself, parents, siblings). This includes: Mortgages, Life Insurance, Wills, Pensions, Mortgages, Trusts. The service and advice has been outstanding and I look forward to working with Andy for the next 20 years!

Raj Karamchandani

FD of RMS Europe, a division of Charles River Laboratories Inc (S&P 500 company)

Andy originally started working with my brother and sister-in-law over 10 years ago. Now our whole family benefits from Andy and his team’s guidance and support. When my Dad passed away several years ago, Andy was invaluable in helping advise my Mum through the difficult process of reviewing her investments and helping her plan her new future with great patience and kindness.

Now Andy helps me with my pension investments and ensures I have the right insurances and protections in place for my young family.

Andy and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. It is such a relief to have such a capable and trustworthy team looking out for us while I run around after toddlers.

It has demystified the world of financial advisors for me, and I’ve realised that with the right advice, there is so much help and wisdom to benefit from, at all stages of life.

Sally Baker


I have known Andy Maher for over 10 years and would like to express my gratitude for his and his team’s continuous support and guidance over the years.

Andy’s experience and knowledge is outstanding- he instils a considerable amount of confidence that I will achieve my financial goals, protect my family, and ensure my legacy is continued. I have recommended him to my sisters and nephew, who all continue to benefit from the advice he has given them.

I have every faith that, with his guidance, I am on track to reach a comfortable retirement as well as achieve peace of mind that my family and their futures are protected.



Mr & Mrs Booth


Robert Colkett




Mick Carter


Richard Derrington